Epic Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Epic Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Makeup is recommended for clients who wear pencil or liquid eyeliner daily and would like to save time on applying it. One of the greatest advantages of permanent eyeliner is that it will never run and always have a beautiful shape that is professionally drawn. Semi-permanent eyeliner can be applied on either lower or upper line or both.

  • No need to use liquid eyeliners
  • No running of the color
  • Customized shape and color
  • Can be applied on top or bottom lines

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Semi-permanent Eyeliner Styles

Lash Liner

Create the impression of thick, lush lashes, our most subtle, natural looking liner.

Eye Liner

Perfectly shaped and balanced, it brings out the beauty of eyes and lashes.

Liquid Liner

A classic and unmistakable look.

Smokey Eyeliner

A softer lining of the eyes, perfect for that smokey eye look.

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