UltraShape Body Conturing



UltraShape by Syneron, is a non-surgical procedure which employs ultrasound technology in order to destroy fat cells and deliver significant fat reduction and, ultimately, a slimmer appearance of the treated body areas.

UltraShape painlessly destroys stubborn body fat with visible results in approximately two weeks. The whole procedure is performed without the need of anesthesia or sedation. After a series of three quick,completely comfortable treatment patients can achieve a noticeabley slimmer figure. When combined with exercise and a healthy diet, patients can lose up to two sizes. Best of all, the treatments are quick, pain-free ad completely non-invasive. You can have the treatment and get right back to daily activities without downtime.

This procedure can achieve safe and targeted fat removal while not bringing about harm to surrounding tissues or nerves. In addition, its non-invasive design guarantees the absence of post-operational marks. Finally, the fact that the fat cells are eliminated means that the patient can maintain his/her results in the long term, provided that he/she follows a balanced nutrition plan, from that point on.)

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